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Long Island: A Vision for Sustainable Development

Singapore is set to embark on a groundbreaking initiative with the Long Island project, aiming to reclaim three expansive tracts of land off East Coast Park. This ambitious venture, roughly twice the size of Marina Bay, responds to the growing threat of rising sea levels and potential inland flooding in the East Coast region.

Key Features:

  1. Land Reclamation: The three elongated tracts will extend from Marina East to Tanah Merah, addressing the challenge posed by lower-lying land in the area.
  2. Tidal Gates and Pumping Stations: Strategically placed large tidal gates and pumping stations will be installed between the newly created land masses. These will manage water levels in a new reservoir, offering flood control and reducing flood risks in the East Coast area.
  3. Reservoir Development: The project is expected to result in Singapore’s 18th reservoir. Similar to the concept at Marina Barrage, gates will release excess stormwater during low tide, and pumps will be utilized during high tide to manage stormwater.
  4. Recreation and Water Activities: The new reservoir will not only provide flood protection but will also serve as a hub for recreational activities such as canoeing and dragon boating.
  5. Public Consultation: Over the next five years, technical studies will be conducted, accompanied by public engagement to gather ideas and suggestions for the project, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive development process.
  6. Coastal Protection Integration: The Long Island project aims to seamlessly integrate coastal protection measures with reclamation plans, providing optimal flood resilience without compromising public access to the waterfront.
  7. Waterfront Development: Anticipated developments on the reclaimed land include waterfront homes, amenities, industrial facilities, and approximately 20km of new coastal and reservoir parks, significantly expanding the waterfront park offerings in the East Coast area.

As Singapore takes a bold step toward sustainable urban development, the Long Island project represents a visionary approach to environmental resilience, freshwater supply enhancement, and community-centric planning.

For more information and to contribute your ideas, visit Long Island Project.

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